"Cali's Haven"


Once upon a time there was a little raccoon by the name of Maccaroon who is a friend of Geronimos.
He looked forward to the times that his dear friend would visit the children here on earth. After all he came from up above in Make Believe Land and only a few people could ever see him, but Macaroon felt very privileged to have him as a friend.

It is important to know that he was the runt of the litter and his brothers and sisters made fun of him.

His parents had a marvelous house made of sticks and leaves. They all lived in comfort nearby a stream with pure water and plenty of vegetation. Is was his job to climb high in a tree and let the family know if there was anyone coming.

For some reason the first time he saw Geronimo he knew he was a friend, so he never told anyone about the elf. Who would believe him anyway???

It wasn't long before the family met him and welcomed him in to their home. After that it was a great treat when his friend came to visit and he always needed Maccaroon's help. So look forward to the future adventures of Geronimo and his friends.

Carol Oliver

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